Payroll tax advice

Payroll tax advice

Payroll and Tax Services

If your business spends in excess of $54,166 per month on wages or salaries for employees in Victoria, you are required by law to pay a percentage of the total amount in the payroll tax. At Lotus Smart, our advisory firm can provide your business with professional payroll tax advice. We offer payroll tax services to help ensure that your payroll tax obligations are handled correctly so you have nothing to worry about if and when you get audited. Whether you need payroll advice for a small business or a large business, we can provide assistance at the best price.

How Do I Pay My Employees’ Payroll Taxes?

When the total wage bill of your business exceeds a threshold amount (which varies between states and territories), you will need to go about payroll tax registration with the respective revenue office in your state or territory. You will then submit payments at an agreed frequency. This process can be done online via the official state revenue office website.

When Should Payroll Taxes Be Paid?

Employers generally self-assess their liability on a monthly basis and pay by the seventh day of the following month. Our payroll tax accountant can help you manage these obligations, ensuring they’re fulfilled without inadvertently overpaying or underpaying. You won’t have to worry about any issues or complications because we’ll independently check over things twice.

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Are you asking yourself “who can provide specialist payroll advice, accounting for payroll taxes and assistance with other finance-related matters near me?” Based in Melbourne, Lotus Smart can help businesses throughout Australia. Our cost-effective payroll and tax services are available in:

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